Sales commission for independent sales

How will my sales proceeds be calculated, and what is the sales commission incurred for?

The return on your sale is made based on the selling price and the deduction of our tiered commission, which is also calculated depending on the selling price. The rest of the sales price will be paid out to you (in the case of foreign currencies, the amount to be paid out may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations).

REBELLE offers a high-quality  marketplace for the purchase and sale of designer items. We ensure a high number of visitors to our site through marketing and topic-related content - this offers you as a seller a great number of potential buyers. When you sell items over REBELLE, we incur additional costs for checking specified item information, for processing your item’s photos and for quality checks and the shipping of your items when these are sold. Our team of experts will check all items for their authenticity and the quality stated. We will assume all shipping costs for you, carefully put your item into interim storage, and ship your item to the buyer following purchase in high-quality and stylish packaging. All the above incurs costs, which are covered by the sales commission.

On our  sales pages you can find our commission calculator which can be used to calculate your sales proceeds based on the relevant selling price.

Further information on commission can be found in the seller’s terms and conditions under section 10 and 11

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